How to make your own beautiful photo book

How to make your own photo book

Taking pictures I love it. However too often my photos’re left on the phone or laptop. At first I tried to develop photos’but then I always didn&#8217t glue them in anyway. Hence, more and more often I’m doing an online photo book create.

And today I get to give away an online photo book -to be made by you-. Join us?

Backpacking through Australia

Twenty years ago I traveled around Australia for a year. Back then you had rolls of film in your camera. Because I was too curious about the photos’s and didn&#8217t want to wait a year to see them, I had them developed there as soon as a roll was full. Meanwhile, I sometimes sent some home, but still I came home with a big pack of photos’s.

Here everything was glued in. Now twenty years later, I find that many have to be re-stuck because the photo glue is coming loose.

Making an online photo book

And that, personally, is the big advantage of making photo books online. The photos’re not coming loose anymore, the pages are also much sturdier than the photo books I used to use before. I think the best thing about creating online is that you can use different templates, different backgrounds, as well as frames around the photos’s. By fiddling with the different possibilities, you give it your own idea