Green fingers can be grown – more plants in the house

Green fingers can be cultivated- More plants in the house

A house full of plants, do you like that too? But what if you don’t green fingers have? If plants are not doing well in your home? You can work on that. Green fingers can be cultivated.

You too can have a house full of plants, plants that grow, bloom and continue to bloom. How, you can read here.

You can grow green fingers

Do you want a house full of plants, an Urban Jungle?. Green flowering plants in beautiful pots? As beautiful as this is, it is also a lot of work. Because just when you think your plants are doing well, there suddenly appear brown leaves or your plant no longer grows, the flowering flowers disappear or your plant looks like a weeping willow.

What about plants and green fingers? How to grow green fingers and take care of the plants in your home

Why plants in the house

What does it mean to have a green thumb?? Quite simply ‘have a good hand for handling plants.’ And do not always have this of yourself, but then you can learn this. I really do.

Because honestly, I’ve grown quite a green thumb lately. Previously I could not keep a plant in bloom, cactuses died under my nose, now I have a house full of greenery and I really like it. Of course I still have the occasional plant that doesn’t do well, but in general I am super proud of all my growing and blooming plants. I had to learn this and still sometimes look up information on how to grow my plants, which is why I am posting some of it in this article.

Because there will surely be others who recognize this.

What to look out for to bring more green into your home

If you want more green in your home now, I have tips on how to get your plants to grow and bloom even if you may not have a green thumb right away.

Think about watering

Give water! But definitely do not overwater. This is a mistake many make. Most plants need only watering once a week, but feel free to water every time. This is how you can grow green fingers, namely by putting it to the test.

Is the plant very dry, then you give some extra’s.

And to plant nutrition

Sunlight and water will get plants a long way, but your houseplants also need an occasional vitamin boost. Give them extra nutrition. Your plants need just one drop every two weeks and in winter, once a month is enough.

Take care of humidity

However well the plants in my house are doing, and I have managed to cultivate a green thumb. Still, I also keep having problems with plants and it’s usually when the leaves turn brown. This may have to do with the humidity in the house.

So ensure good humidity and what can also help is to water in the pot (so the plant just lift).

Remove old and dead leaves

If a leaf gets too big or is not beautiful anymore, it is no problem if you remove it from the plant. That way the plant does not have to waste energy on this and can focus on the healthy leaves. Preferably do not do this in winter, plants are more vulnerable then during the rest of the year.

Keep plants in the same place as much as possible

For your plants in the house, it is best that they change places as little as possible. This can cause ‘stress’. You can turn the plant toward the light or repot it now and then if necessary.

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Which plant fits in your house

Also look carefully to see which plant fits well in your home, do you have a lot of sunlight or do you have a lot of darker spots in your home. With every houseplant you buy, you actually always get a ‘user manual’ keep it. So that you can check again later how and what.

Follow these tips and you will see that your green thumbs are fully expressed.

Just go try it out

Got so no green ivngers of your own, but you want plants in the house, just go try it. This is how I want to start a vegetable garden this new year. Never done it, but I just try. If I don’t succeed, I’m sorry, but I tried.

Not all houseplants do well in the house either. Pay attention to what you buy, whether it fits in your home, whether it gets enough sunlight and don’t forget to water it. Then you and that green thumb should really hit it off!