The value of reading aloud

The value of reading aloud

As you may know, I am a great lover of reading and reading aloud. Regularly you will find here reviews of fun picture books or other reading-related articles. This time Serita Vossen of Deleukstevoorleesboeken wrote.and a piece about The value of reading aloud.

The value of reading aloud

Reading aloud is useful. You may have heard this before. Maybe not. Did you know how useful it is exactly?

If you start reading aloud from the time your baby is 8 months, the effect is Measurable by 18 months. And later they will have: a larger vocabulary, better language sense and better developed analytical skills. So useful!

Why is reading aloud so good?

Reading aloud is not only fun and sociable, but it is also extremely good!

● As previously mentioned for a larger vocabulary and better language sense.
Getting analytical ability develop better.
If you start reading aloud early they can also express themselves better earlier and therefore you will experience (significantly) fewer tantrums (yippie!)
● They learn through reading aloud more complex sentence structures understanding, they will benefit a lot later when they have to learn things.
Is your child in the NICU / Intensive Care Unit?? Then it is really good to read aloud, this way you create a better bond between you and your child. Because it can be incredible hard for both of you to have to leave him or behind all the time.
Reading aloud is good for any age: from baby to toddler, but also for children who can already read. It is very good for your relationship. A little 1-on-1 attention.

Because how often do you actually have exclusive attention for your child?
It stimulates the fantasy and curiosity from your child.
● They also learn a lot more new things But they also learn about emotions or exciting events.
● Children who are read to from a young age often have a better concentration!
If your baby is restless or busy? Especially for these children reading aloud is the much needed piece of rest in the day. Keep in mind, of course, that the length of the story fits their current span of concentration. Also choose the right time of day when your child is not too tired or hungry.

And the same goes for yourself!

How to get books to read aloud?

Of course you can buy them new in stores or order them online, but have you ever considered the following (slightly more low-budget) alternatives??

Your child can read until he is 18 years old Free library membership. That way you have new fun books to read regularly. Especially useful when your child changes his taste quite often.

Aren’t you stuck with all those books that never get read?.
The library often sells discarded books. Very handy if your child likes books but still breaks them a little too quickly (I’ve pasted some books together..) Those discarded books you can confidently give to them to “read” on their own
The thrift stores often have very nice books available. The selection varies per thrift store and per city. Some thrift stores offer beautiful books, while others offer almost all broken books
And you already Know About the Stray Books? Also a super fun initiative! Children May Choose Books From Roving Book Stations on the Condition When He is Out That He Continues Roaming Again!

Are you Looking for Inspiration for Fun Read-Aloud Books? Then Keep Deleuksteursbooks.Keep An Eye Out Or Follow Them on Facebook! No More Excuses Not To Read Aloud, You Can Read Aloud From Any Budget.

And it only costs you some time!

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