Crochet and knitting patterns

Crochet and knitting patterns. Where can I find the best patterns

More than half a year ago I found the joy in crocheting and knitting again. Actually it was a bit of a necessity, but I really enjoy it and am even -I'll be honest- a bit addicted. But where can I find crochet and knitting patterns?

Necessarily on the hook.

When I was younger my mother taught me to knit and crochet. Yet I hadn't touched a pen in years. When my self suddenly got worse about six months ago, I noticed that I could just read more in the evenings. To do something different, I took up knitting again.

Also tricky, you would think with bad eyesight, but somehow this goes fine. As long as I don't use too small crochet needles and thin yarn. Everything I make is a bit ‘ coarse’ knitted or crocheted.

Crochet and knitting patterns

In the beginning I crocheted and knitted from textbooks. So how do I learn to knit and how do I learn to crochet. Super easy, because this way I learned the beginning stitches again.

I made purses and soft toys. Here you can read which books I used for this and got the hang of it again. But after lots of stuffed toys for the boys, scarves and hats, I thought it was time for the real thing, but where do you get the patterns from?

Offline patterns

There are the super nice magazines in the stores. I love the magazines Simply knitting and Simply crochet. Magazines that come out once a month and are full of crochet and knitting ideas. Difficult patterns and easy patterns. Although there is still something to be said about the patterns though, this is sometimes like higher math in my opinion.

I myself like paper versions of patterns, because I have something tangible in my hands and therefore often print the online versions.

Online patterns, which are my favorites

Online you can of course find lots of free, but also paid crochet and knitting patterns. I actually choose the free patterns because there is a lot to find here. I have three favorite sites where I often look for patrons, which are:


Freubelweb is the website for everyone looking for free patterns. The advantage of this site is that you can become a member and then save all your favorites. Every day there are new creative ideas.

Not only crochet or knitting patterns, but also all other creative skills like working with felt, clay etc. There are an awful lot of patterns to be found from lots of different subjects. One disadvantage is that not all patterns are in Dutch.

However, when you have mastered the pattern reading a bit, you can do it in English too.


Maris from Creachick is really a busy bee. What she can do with the crochet pens, incredible. I have great admiration for her and I look every time again with rapt attention to her patterns. Recently I made a vest for hubby and have just now finished the shell vest.

This week I started with the warm winter cardigan. All to patterns and examples from Creachick. Her patterns are very easy to read and the videos and pictures she posts here are easy to follow. And if you can't figure it out there is the creachick help group on Facebook.

A very nice group where everyone helps each other through the patterns. The patterns are free, but there is a possibility to donate when you have used a pattern. Maris buys new yarn from this donation to make a new design.

Drops Design

On garnstudio you can find the free patterns of Drops Design. I first came across this site when I was looking for the pattern of a shawl. The site is full of beautiful patterns of everything you can think of that you can crochet and knit. Drops are yarn and you can order these right away should you want to.

On the site is a very large choice of crochet and knitting patterns and you have to read through the many letters, but then you find very clear how you can make something. Also there are often videos you can follow. I did the same with my wrap cloth and quickly got the hang of it ‘flower crochet’ quickly.

Do you have any tips? Let me know, because I am always looking for more fun stuff!