Starting Vegetable Garden In A Small Garden- Gardening

Starting Vegetable Garden In A Small Garden- Gardening Tips

Would you like one vegetable garden start, But if you have a small garden or balcony, or if you only have a small piece of garden available, this can be an obstacle to gardening and starting with your plans. Yet a vegetable garden can start in a small garden or on the balcony fine. I give you my tips.

Make plans for a vegetable garden

Do you see the flowers coming up everywhere and you see the vegetable gardens slowly filling up again. Would you like this too, but you don’t really have the space for it. If you have a clay garden or a balcony OD, your garden is already so full of plants and shrubs that there is only a small space left for a vegetable garden?

A small garden or a balcony can be great places to start a vegetable garden.

Now I started this year with a vegetable garden and I too have a limited space. Not that our garden is so small, but the space where I can keep my vegetable garden is not great. This is because the garden is full of plants and I also first want to see how having a vegetable garden is going to me.

Start a vegetable garden in a small garden or balcony

Sometimes you can be a bit searching, what is possible and what are the possibilities, but that you can start a vegetable garden in a small garden or balcony that stands like a pole above water.

Baking or potting

The place where you want your vegetable garden is very decisive for the result. Most fruits and vegetables need sunlight, sufficient rainwater and not too much wind. You can opt for a vegetable garden really in the garden, but if you have little space here or if your garden is already full of plants and flowers, you can also opt for containers to use in your vegetable garden.

Seeds don’t just have to be in a garden, you can also use them very well in pots. Please note that these pots have holes at the bottom so that your plants can get water from under.

Narrow border

Maybe you have a piece of border in your small garden that you don’t actually use, put some vegetables in it. Do not plant cucumbers or zucchini here, they need space, but radishes can thrive here. Put a breeding label with the plants, so that you know what is growing.

Vertical gardening

If you want to start a vegetable garden in a clay garden, you can also use a hanging plant bag. This is for vertical gardening. I have a hanging plant bag hanging next to the back door, on the wall.

I now only have pansies in it, which already looks very nice, but I would like to place my kitchen herbs here as soon as they can be removed from the breeding containers.

That way I always have them close by and don’t take up any space at all.

vertical gardening, for flowers and herbs

Curious about these plant bags, take a look here for inspiration and possibilities.

Plant bags for potatoes, herbs and tubers

If you have a small and modest garden or balcony, there are also very nice hip plant bags to use. NatureĀ® plant pockets are available in beige and anthracite, are especially for growing tuber crops, herbs and potatoes. Ideal for if you want to start a vegetable garden in a small garden or on the balcony.

plants naturally sink


Starting a vegetable garden in a small garden or on the balcony seems like quite a challenge. Still, you have to look into possibilities. For example, I really like a staircase on a balcony.

Place a pot with a plant in it on each step. Strawberry plants, for example, can grow very well in a pot.

you can easily grow plants and herbs on the balcony

Get ideas for a plant staircase, look here for inspiration.

Why is gardening so much more than planting seeds

Gardening in a vegetable garden is more than just planting some seeds. While this is still often what people think. If you want to start a vegetable garden, you will first have to find the right location in your garden.

If you have a large garden, then this is often easier, but if you have a small garden, you will have to be more creative. But if you want the seeds you plant to actually become fruit and vegetables, even in a small garden, then there are plenty of options, just to sum it all up:

  • Work with containers and pots.
  • You can very well start a vegetable garden in a narrow border of the garden.
  • Garden vertically.
  • Use plant bags.
  • Go stack.

Go gardening and be surprised

Whether you want to start a vegetable garden in a small garden or on the balcony, everything is possible. Don’t let that stop you, try and be surprised. It certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either.

Take a look at what you may still have in containers and pots.

Make sure you buy the right soil (for the vegetable garden).