Well-fitting lingerie makes you feel better in your own skin

Well-fitting lingerie makes you feel better in your own skin

Why we women spend little money on well-fitting lingerie? Well-fitting lingerie makes us feel and look better in our own skin. But how can a nice bra make me feel better and where can I find this lingerie??

Well-fitting lingerie

Did you know that women in the Netherlands spend almost no money on good lingerie? And that women often walk around with wrong sizes of lingerie? That you should really only wear a bra for two days and then put it in the wash? But also that you have to replace a bra after one year?

Many women do not know this and also for me this information was all new. Although so many women wear the wrong size bras, I thought so. Just recently I was at a press event about the spring and summer 2020 (SS2020) collection at a press agency and got a presentation here about well-fitting lingerie.

Wearing bras for two days

The presentation was led by Fabienne Zwanenburg. When she started her presentation a world opened up for me. I didn’t know you should only wear a bra for two days.

Still it sounded very logical. In your bra is elastic and after two days of wearing this elastic stretches and comes by washing it good and tight again. Fabienne also explained that after one year your bra needs to be replaced. After a year the stretch is gone and the straps start sagging or your bra goes up with you when you raise your arms. Well well-fitting lingerie is not cheap.

Still, it gives so many benefits, not only the fit, so you don’t feel the bra, but also don&#8217t see it under your t-shirt. Also for your back a well-fitting bra is so much better, especially if you have fuller breasts. In addition, you feel better in your skin when you have a nice, well-fitting bra on, this radiates, but also lets you stand up straighter and gives you more confidence.

Well-fitting lingerie, it’s worth it

Good lingerie, it’s worth all the money. During this presentation we got a fitting. Fabienne immediately saw that I had the wrong bra size on and made me feel that well fitting lingerie is so important by trying on bras that we could try on. It felt so good to put on a bra that is just right in terms of fit and cup.

Importantly, the underwire of the bra must be snug around the breasts for your lingerie to fit properly and give the right support. Why do we take so little time to look for well-fitting lingerie??

well-fitting lingerie

Mix&Match at Freya

Besides the presentation there was also the SS2020 and I saw beautiful collections of Freya, Wacoal and After Eden. Brands that are worth looking at and have good comfort to wear. The bikinis of Freya. you can mix and match &match.

Super nice, because this way you wear exactly what suits you and looks good on you.