How to choose the right mat for the door

How to choose the right mat for the door

A mat for near the door, the well-known doormat. We all know them and actually always expect to find one. Especially when stepping into a home, store or business.

But what choice do you really have in doormat and how do you make this choice?

A doormat in the hallway

Think of a typical doormat and you will most likely imagine a ‘welcome’-mat made of rubber or coconut. An entrance is the first impression visitors have of your home, so a good welcome mat is essential for anyone who wants to make a friendly and attractive impression. It is also beneficial for protecting carpet or beautifully tiled floors. The word ‘doormat’ is a very broad term. It is used to – as the name suggests – describe a mat placed in a doorway.

There are many different types of door mats, walk-in mats and dry walking mats, which vary greatly in size, shape, color and material.

Considerations for doormats

Door mats are one of those things we take for granted in life. Every time we enter a house or business premises, we automatically expect one to be present. Wiping our feet on it without thinking about it. Only when you decide to buy one of these mats for yourself do you realize the huge number of options available. Shopping for a doormat can be quite a bewildering experience.

Several decisions will need to be made to find a mat suitable for your entryway.

There are three things to consider when buying a doormat:


Should the mat lie in a “mat pit” (a cut-out area cut into the floor) or should the mat“lie loose” (on top of a carpet or hard floor covering)? Is it indoors or outdoors? The type of mat varies by location.

The primary purpose of any doormat is to provide a safe surface. A safe surface that can be used to clean footwear and prevent dirt from entering a home. However, it is also important to ensure that a mat does not interfere with the function of a doorway.

This is why placement is a key factor. A doormat should always leave enough space for a door to open unobstructed.

Different springs and widths

Mats come in different lengths and widths, but height is equally important. The clearance in the door affects the type of mat you can buy; For example, coconut and thick rubber mats may be unsuitable for indoor use where a door opens inward. The placement of the mattress can also influence the material you choose. Doormats placed in direct sunlight fade much faster than those in the shade.

Therefore, consider renting your mats with a regular maintenance contract.

Performance of the doormat

How often the mat is used – what is the potential visitor level?
For less rough entrances, such as homes or small businesses, a sturdy standard “wiper” mat with rubber backing helps. Or a waterhog mat to dry footwear and remove dust and mud. To create a good first impression, many companies choose logo mats.

These are essentially wiper mats customized with a company logo.

Aesthetics of the doormat

What color suits the environment? You may have a business set of colors or perhaps you are a domestic user who wishes the doormat to match your home d├ęcor. A logo mat with the insignia of your company and / or a motivational message can really brighten up a room or office.