To the beach – what should you certainly not forget

To the beach- what should you certainly not forget

Whether you only go to the beach for a day, the two of you, with small children or large children, you always drag with a large bag, chairs, cool box and more. Maybe you bring way too much, but rather too much than too little. What should you certainly not forget if you go to the beach for a day?

A day at the beach

Now you can read a day at the lake, swimming pool or river in addition to a day at the beach, because although we do not go to the beach so quickly in the Netherlands, we will go to the pee here and we would like to look for a lake on vacation or a river on. Because I am always afraid of forgetting everything, I thought how easy it would be if I put everything together once and for all, because I do that, I regularly read my own tips and recipes on my blog.

What should you certainly not forget to take with you

It all starts with a big bag. A large wicker beach bag or Big Shopper, where everything can be done. And what can it be for a day at the beach:

A Pareo

In addition to bath towels that you naturally take with you, you should not forget to take a hammam cloth or pareo with you. Because if you are on a bath towel of the children, they want them to dry after swimming and then you are on a wet towel. A hammam cloth or pareo stays dry, sand -free and is your place.

Sunburn, sunglasses, swimming shirt and sun hat

Don't forget to lubricate, rather too much than too little, but also take sunglasses, sun hat and swim shirt for the children. Since my sister took it from America (where a swimming shirt is worn a lot) they almost always wear a swimming shirt with swimming and playing at the water. If the sun is gone, it goes out, but full in the sun, they would rather leave their skin covered.

A nice sun hat is also recommended to take with you to the beach one day. And then not only for you, but also for the children when they play in the sand.

Tissues or wet wipes

Have a nice sandwich, but all that sand, it is everywhere, also on the children's hands. To have to eat your sandwich, many children don't like at all, remember to bring a few tissues or wet wipes, also easy for after dinner to clean the hands and key again.


Take some change with you when the ice cream man comes by, but perhaps also for the toilet at one of the beach tents.

Outdoor toys

Take enough toys, because in addition to water fun, children can also enjoy themselves with a bucket and scoop in the sand, but also think of holiday toys such as badminton or a Frisbee. Especially when the children are older, they enjoy themselves well with this.

What else can you take to a day at the beach:

To complete the list (and the bag):

The conclusion of my beach bag

It is not strange that I am always lugging when I go to the beach or to the puddles, if you now do my list ‘ certainly do not forget if you go to the beach for a day ’ sees. What a lot of things you actually take with you, but that is not weird either. You just want to be well prepared on the road.

But I suddenly understand those carts very well!

Do you have any extra tips for a day at the beach?

Photo Lodiblogt/ Free Image of Adamkontor via Pixabay/ Affiliatelink