How to find inspiration to blog

How to find blogging inspiration tips

Where do you get your blogging subjects?? Do you always have a list ready or do you sometimes sit in front of your laptop with writer’s block? Today I share my tips and am very curious to know where you get blogging inspiration from.

Full time blogging

First of all, it is of course very good to realize how you blog. There are lots of hobby bloggers, but there are also plenty of bloggers who have to pay their mortgage from blogging. How you then look at inspiration to blog is very different.

If you are a hobby blogger, you do not have to have a number of posts online every week. But if you make a living doing this, you will feel more pressure to blog, to perform.

Where do you get your blogging inspiration?

And if you feel that pressure, then chances are that sometimes you just don't know what to blog for a while. It is then very good to realize that this is very natural. But before you get stressed out and feel down, today I'm sharing tips on how to get inspiration.

In case you are a little less inspired. You can get a lot of inspiration from things happening around you. Assuming you blog about personal things too. Articles about children, their development, but also museums you visit, outings you take. All excellent inspiration to blog about.

With children your personal stories will change, take this into account in your blog as well. If you first blog about pregnancies and babies, then when the children get older, you will also be able to write about them. Which does not mean you can’t write more about pregnancy and babies.

After all, you are the expert by experience.

Pay attention to the date and use themes

Inspiration to blog also get from the days to come. Are it the National Read Aloud Days? See if you can write an article about this. Is it almost Valentine's Day, great opportunity to dedicate an article to this.

Themes’s around holidays are of course also great inspiration to use. For example, it is almost carnival. Ideal because this comes back every year and you will see that people will find your article again a year later. But also other days.

Think for example about Easter.

Look at Google Analytics

It is very good to read Google Analytics statistics carefully. So you see which articles are read a lot and you can work with this. Create extra pin images. Apparently the article is seen a lot. But you can also think about writing an article on a similar topic more often.

Also through Search Console you can very well see, which articles are well read in the last month. Take advantage of this.

Blogging ahead

It is wise to blog ahead, if you really want to have articles ready every week. After all, it can happen that you get sick or are so busy that you don't have time to blog. Working ahead ensures that you can at least put something online, even if you have less time.

No inspiration to blog, update old content

If you still have no inspiration, check old articles. Read them through, they are SEO well formed? Are the links still up to date and followable?

Often older blog article are not the best articles you've ever written, especially the very first ones and you can do a nice job with that now.

Always have a notebook with you

Because you often get inspiration to blog at the strangest moments, always take a notebook with you. You can write down your ideas right here and work on them at home.