Big brother

Big Brother

Sometime in January this year we told our little man that he is going to be big brother. A rather abstract concept for a 2.5 year old boy. Remarkably, he was able to picture it.

A friend had also just become big brother so that made it a little more tangible for him.

As the pregnancy progressed our little son was more and more engaged with it. Regularly the tummy got a kiss and wanted to know more about it. It soon became apparent that he was thinking very deeply about it after all.

At the end of February sir, early in the morning, crawled between us on the bed. He watched some television and relaxed. Ideal, I thought, then tuck in a little further. Unfortunately, my attempt to continue lounging was disrupted rather quickly. The little man asked if he could give the baby a kiss.

Yes, fine. My belly was already bulging, so that the baby was growing made perfect sense to him. After a doubtful look, he therefore reported to me; ‘mommy, soon we will need a big hole for baby’. Bam, gone snooze status. ‘Euh…. Yes that’s right, Mom is immensely aware of that.’ Swallow.

I then tried to hold back my laughter, but of course that was hopeless. Somewhat alert, I waited to see if he would ask further. However, he did not.

The fact that he had found that it would take a large opening to get the baby out was enough for him. I got away with it. 😉

From the beginning our son has said he wants a little sister. We never asked or discussed it ourselves, but he was really convinced he was going to have a sister. The excitement was great when he went along to the sex determination ultrasound.

Beforehand I told him again that it could also be a boy and that’s nice too. Angry he looked at us and shouted that he wanted a sister. The ultrasound technician added a little something extra. She told him we were going to see if it would be a sibling.

Annoyed, he looked at her and told her he wanted a sister. Well, there you are with your good behavior. I quickly lay down and hoped the baby would cooperate a bit.

During the ultrasound the suspicion, of our little son, was quickly confirmed. The big brother will indeed get a sister. We wouldn’t have cared, but the relief was great and our toddler’s joy even greater.

You would almost think that he secretly had a line to the baby. Sir was given a key ring with his sister’s echo photo. One apethetic and happy toddler!

By now I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. Still proud sir. Everyone who wants to hear it gets the announcement; ‘I am going to be big brother to my little sister’. If he sees something nice for girls in a store, he shouts enthusiastically that it would be nice for his’sister. The belly still gets a kiss every day and stories are told to it.

Here develops a real big brother. I have a hunch those two will be just fine.

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