Useful products for kids

Useful products for kids

I regularly search the internet for handy products for kids. There are so many nice webshops with hip and useful products. Some of these I have at home and use a lot.

I love it and so does our little man, so it’s time to share some of these products with you!

Play & Go

This mom is very happy with the storage bags from Play & Go. These are actually large round play rugs with a cord running through them. Our little man loves to play with his duplo.

He is now three years old and has quite a collection already. So when he plays with them, and of course takes everything out of the box, it’s always sobbed when it has to be put away again. However, he plays with this huge amount of blocks on Play’s playmat & Go, then it is so tidy! We pull the cord and all the toys on the rug are in a bag.

1-0 for mommy! We have a storage bag with moustaches and a bright pink one in the baby’s room. You can get these cool play clothes/storage bags at Little Wannahaves.

One of my favo webshops, which I referred to before.

Play & go

Sevylor Puddlejumper

What is actually my ultimate number one handy product is the Sevylor Puddlejumper. The what? The puddle sweater is a very handy swimming basket. Our little man has been a real water rat since he was a baby.

Crazy about bathing, love the Jacuzzi and swimming pools. I only found those plastic inflatable straps a drama. Blood, sweat and tears to get them on your child. When the little guy finally put them on, which didn’t make him happy, he would regularly dive face-first into the water.

Stuff so. Until I discovered the puddlejumper. What a relief, little man felt very secure in the water and I let go of him with peace of mind. Tipping over is impossible, the straps are non-chafing and he likes them. Highly recommended.

Ours has been used for years now and looks a little worn out, but it still works fine! You can buy this ideal swimming pool at sevylor among other places.en.

useful products

Insert lists

Our little man, and mom too, really enjoys crafting. Every week a lot of A4 sheets are glued, colored, cut etc. Occasionally there are some really nice projects that are a shame to throw away immediately. However, I don’t feel like having a house full of children’s crafts either. I think it looks so messy.

So there had to be another solution for that. A few years ago I bought handy insert lists at HEMA. Many useful products come from this chain and the price is usually very pleasant as well. So on a wall in the dining room I now have a number of these insert frames hanging.

This way I can regularly change drawings and it still hangs nicely on the wall. You could call it a small exhibition.

change frame

What are your favorite handy products for kids?


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