Grand Cafe de Bosbaan in Amsterdam has been renovated

Grand Cafe de Bosbaan in Amsterdam has been renovated

Grand cafe de Bosbaan in Amsterdam. A great restaurant to eat at. And a renewed 2.0 version . It is centrally located and there are plenty of free parking spaces.

What does the map look like and what is the atmosphere??

Noise on the Bosbaan

Not so long ago the program ‘Herrie op de Bosbaan’ aired on RTL4. Normally I am a fan of Herman den Blijker, but this program started to annoy me a little bit. There was a lot of grumbling and whining in it, that I stopped watching at one point.

So I was very curious to see what the Grand Café would look like now and what would be on the menu.

Grand Cafe de Bosbaan

Grand Cafe de Bosbaan is a great restaurant to settle down after a walk in the Amsterdam forest, the lunch menu includes a sandwich, yogurt with fruit and granola, hot chicken, smoked salmon or a sandwich. Although the prices are quite steep. I did not try the yogurt with fresh fruit, honey and cruesli but it must be very special for €8.25.

There is quite a bit of choice at lunch, including appetizers. This immediately shows my suspicion that at the Bosbaan they are mainly based on the ‘day guests’. In the evening menu I found the choice limited. There was a choice of four starters, eight main courses and two desserts.

Well I know Herman always says;’don’t make the menu too big’ but I found the dessert in particular very limited.

What did I think of it?

The prices of the main courses ran from €15,00 to €27,00. The prices in version 1.0 were lower and that was fine by me personally. The prices are now on average higher, which is of course fine if you can taste and see this reflected in the dishes. I chose the veal burger with bacon onion compote and homemade piccalilli mayonnaise. I was especially curious about the mayonnaise, but didn’t really taste this back on the burger.

The bacon onion compote, however, was delicious. The burger otherwise was fine and was nicely served with fries in a small fry basket. My party chose the chicken satay from the grill. There was nothing wrong with this. Tasty and more than enough.

We skipped the desserts, but the cappuccino and ginger tea were delicious.

Pleasant atmosphere

The restaurant version 2.0 is beautiful. I booked through the website and got a quick confirmation. There is much more space between the tables, so you can sit properly and no longer sit on your neighbors’ laps. The interior is fresh and stylish, really well thought out.

The kitchen is no longer so pontifically present, this gives more peace in the restaurant. The staff was friendly and helpful. Too bad the toilets are still in a drafty hole.


My final conclusion is that the dishes tasted fine and the layout was nice. The choice is somewhat limited, I understand that this can be the intention, but I prefer more choice than 2. The card is expensive. When you consider that many people often just settle down ‘after a walk or after exercising, The interior and atmosphere of the Grand Café has certainly improved.