Happertjes craft with folding leaves

How to craft with folding leaves

Happertjes? What are they again? That’s what I thought when the youngest came home saying; ‘Mommy, we’re going to make snacks at school’. But of course happertjes, you make them very easily with folding leaves and children have hours of fun with them! How to make them and what to put in them.

You can see it here.

Make your own happertjes

In the vacations there is always plenty of time to tinker. Fill the whole table with folding paper, markers, glue, painting supplies, brushes or whatever the kids want to do. Let them do their thing and see what wonderful creations come to the table. You don’t need much to make these hoppers by the way. Just some folding leaves.

And if you don’t have folding leaves, as long as they are square, any piece of paper will do.

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Take a folding sheet and fold it in half once.
  2. Fold open and turn and fold in half again.
  3. Then fold the four corners to the center point.
  4. Now turn your paper it all over and fold the four corners to the center again.
  5. Turn the paper over again and now fold the triangular flaps inwards.
  6. Now fold the paper and your happertje is ready.
  7. You can draw or glue eyes on it, but you can also turn it into a game.
  8. How: Put numbers 1 to 8 on the flap and write inside texts like ‘ you are sweet’ or ‘ you smile very nicely’, ask someone a number. Move as many times as that number with the bite and then ask one of the number you see, Fold open the flap and tell what it says. Guaranteed fun!

Rather look at the picture?

More visual? Here I show you how you can craft these easy hampers yourself:

What tasks you put in the folding leaves

But what do you write in the paper, what text do you put in it? When you have folded your happertje. You can use them for many different things, think a for a movement game.

Where you create tasks like: ‘do 10 squads’ or ‘walk around the house.’ But you can also use them to learn. For example, write in it: ‘what number is this’ or ‘what is the color you see.’For older children, you can put English words in here, for example, and ask what they mean in Dutch. Happertjes are not only fun and easy to make, they can also be educational.

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