What made me happy 27

What made me happy 27

The first ‘What made me happy’ of 2016. Number 27 already. The last weekend of the vacations and all the festivities are over for now too. We had a nice week, the little guy stayed over, I enjoyed a few days with just my girl and we had some fun outings.

Of course, we also celebrated New Year's Eve and I ushered in 2016 with a nice ride outside with the horses.

Top week.

What made me happy

We started this week off right with a visit to Naturalis in Leiden. The Dino Days took place there and since our little man goes through life as a T-rex (Read; roaring all day, pfff) we had to be there of course. By the way, in the picture you can see him wearing a helmet including a sting to collect honey.

How funny was that.

Monday we got in the car to the Rai in Amsterdam. Together with my mother and the toddler enjoyed a performance of Disney on Ice. We attended last year and it was so much fun that I wanted to do it again this year.

The little guy enjoyed the show and 300 pounds of popcorn.

I also had a few days alone with the little girl. The oldest was staying with grandparents far away and went to the Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel. There too he went wild among the dino’s and even dug up some dino bones.

Highly recommended for the dino-addicts among the children.

Of course we also celebrated New Year's Eve. Because of all the animals at home we always stay at home. Secretly so nice for the children.

After dinner the little man was allowed to set off fireworks.

Armed with his fireworks goggles and guided by mom, grandpa and dad, beautiful fire arrows went up into the sky. A real boy it is because he was one pound of adrenaline. Too nice to see.

New Year's Day started quietly, until I decided to take down my old keyboard. At first this was still quite relaxed but soon the knobs of volume and background music were found. Away peace and quiet, hello noise!

Yesterday we ushered in the new year with a refreshing outside ride with the horses. Crossing the woods at full throttle and relaxed walking. That makes a penny girl feel better.

Today we are planning a New Year's reception with the in-laws. We take it easy before the new week starts again.

How was your week? What made you happy?

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