Help my toddler has a hobby

Help, my toddler has a hobby!

It's that time again, my toddler has a hobby. One that makes me bend my teeth, clean and tidy up. It doesn't make me very happy but she finds it hilarious.

I suspect you will recognize this hobby if you have experience with toddlers.

My toddler's hobby

The little girl is now over a year old. Can walk well, is already starting to say a few words and eats like a miner. In short a healthy girl who is quite mischievous.

Her latest hobby is one that makes me work quite a bit. I don't need to go to the gym because I already do those squats at home, all day long. Madam loves to throw things and of course you know who gets to clean up afterwards. She throws her Duplo, her brother's playmobil, mom's sewing stuff, the doll and her food. The latter much to the delight of my doggies.

Sometimes they don't know where to look with all that food flying around.

Mom only gets less happy because I keep cleaning up. I've just put away the basket with the wooden animals, it's flying all over the floor again. All the crockery is back in the cupboards of the play kitchen and then I hear something flying against the cupboard.

There is no end to it, the toys are flying around my ears and the toddler is having the greatest fun.

It is a phase

When I put the Grimm’s rainbow on the cupboard for the 386th time I wonder how long I will keep doing this. I fear the worst, my toddler loves to throw and will probably continue to do so for a while. Of course it is hilarious to see what happens when you throw an object. It falls down, makes noise and it sure looks cozy. Action-reaction is something that is obviously very fun to discover.

And that is exactly what she does. Discovering, all day long. So yes, this hobby too is just a phase.. then I'll just crawl over the floor again to clean up a load of Duplo.

Do you recognize the throwing phase? How long did this last with your child(ren)?

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