Growing up dutch

Growing up dutch

Last week the hashtag ‘Growing up dutch’ was trending topic on social media. Several typical Dutch memories were shared about growing up in the Netherlands. Many of those things are so ingrained that you wouldn’t even recognize them as typically Dutch.

I really enjoyed following this hashtag on twitter. So herewith a summary of my memories of ‘Growing up dutch’.

Growing up Dutch

  • Sandwiches with sprinkles.
  • Bringing his own potatoes on vacation to camping. Ok not only potatoes, but even whole crates full of groceries.
  • Every day at 18.05h Watching TikTak. Followed by Plons the crazy Frog. Next at 18.15u Sesame Street. The latter stays in my system, but unfortunately. Sesame Street has not been on NL3 for years at 18.15u. I do encounter it regularly now around seven o’clock ’morning. What a time!
  • Biking to school in all weathers.
  • “What we are going to do is a surprise but bring your swimming gear”. This one came by incredibly often on twitter but I have read it myself many times on a children’s party invitation.
  • New Year’s Eve and doughnuts. Inseparable. I think this will always be the case. I must admit that I find them quite tasty in the summer too.
  • The excitement for December 5! Sinterklaas is the most Dutch tradition ever. You spent weeks cutting pictures out of all the toy books. Whole A4 sheets were filled with wishes for St. Nicholas.
  • Frikadellen and kroketten from the wall at FEBO. Those delicious lukewarm fries that had been soaking for hours in a white cardboard container. However, as a teenager I thought absolutely nothing about this and lovingly crammed that soggy lukewarm croquette down my throat.
  • The guilder! ‘The what?’ our kids will say when they are older.
  • ‘I had to knock because the bell doesn’t work;. Samson and Gert.
  • Passing up bitterballs at every party.
  • Collecting Flippo’s and then having whole multi folders full of those weird little circles. Swapping in the schoolyard and playing games to win the best flippo’s.
  • Marbles. Ones, bonks, all shapes and sizes were played with. Funny that the different sizes of marbles have different names in every region. I’ve been playing around in the schoolyard.

Reading all the posts on twitter showed that there was a generation gap now and then. What would our kids post under ‘Growing up dutch’ twenty years from now? Where I used to collect flippo’s, today’s generation is at the doorstep at the supermarket peddling animal pictures.

Where I watched Sesame Street, my little man is crazy about Nick Jr, with its accompanying Dora, Paw Patrol and Bubble guppies.

I’m curious!

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