Running with rheumatoid arthritis compression stockings

Running with rheumatism; compression stockings

My faithful readers may have understood that I am chronically ill. I am, unfortunately, a rheumatoid arthritis patient and for me that mainly means that I have to be mindful of my health at all times. Besides horseback riding, which I do almost daily, I also love running. The latter is just not really easy with the pain I often have.

Now I discovered the compression socks of compression stocking That sounds sexless and corny and it is a bit corny and sexless.

Compression socks running

These compression stockings are actually a kind of medical support stockings but just different. When I go running and I put on these compression socks, my circulation is improved and I don’t get rheumatism as quickly. So actually this is a good invention.

It doesn’t look good in these socks, but hey, if it means I can run a little, I’ll gladly take that for granted.

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