The new school year- what all does your child need

The new school year-what will your child need?

The new school year is about to start and what do we have to do, check and maybe even buy?? Because not everyone may always have this ready to go right away, I’m listing everything, for elementary and middle school students.

The new school year

Sometimes time goes by so fast and whether it’s because of the weird year we’ve been in, but the past school year has really gone incredibly fast. The oldest went to bridge class and our youngest said goodbye to elementary school. And now the new school year is already starting. A school year in which I only focus on secondary education.

A Strange Idea.

What to think of

And now that summer vacation is Almost about, it’s also time to start checking the bags again. What All Does Your Child Need For The New School Year.

Elementary School

Only now that our kids are in high school do i Notice What Little You Actually Needed in Elementary School When The New School Year Start Again. Is your child going to elementary school for the first time this year?. Start IT in Group 1, exciting all and you may now need a backpack, lunch box and sneakers. But even if they have bone at school longer, at the beginning of the new school year you will have to check everything again: check at Least the Sneakers and Sportswear. But also check if the children are still happy with their lunch box and drinking cup.

At our elementary school they also had to bring a diary to school from Group 6.

Secondary School

We used to go to the ‘ back to school ’ Campus of the V&D and bought all our supplies for the new school year here. I always liked this moment. Nowadays you probably go to more different stores or buy mostly online.

Often you will be given a list of all the things your son or daughter will need for the first year, in case you have lost it or haven’t had it now. These are the things on the list of school supplies for high school:

  • eraser
  • compass with 2 fixed legs
  • squared notebook (10 mm) A4 size
  • Casino calculator
  • foreign language dictionaries
  • scissors, notebooks, pencil, some colored pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, pencil case
  • backpack
  • earphones with small plug
  • diary (although this is no longer used in many schools, homework is in Magister)
  • comfortable sportswear
  • indoor shoes (no black soles) (not for outdoors)

What else should you look at now?

A good bicycle is really a plus for children. Not only in High School, also for Elementary Education. With high schoolers, make sure there is a good basket or Monkey Mee bike rack on the bike.

School bags are so heavy that they often can’t carry their bag on their back.

Ready for the start

Whether your kids are going to elementary school or middle school, first year or last. There are always preparations to be made before the new school year starts. Be there in time so the back-to-school period goes well.