What is the best makeup for summer

What is the best makeup for summer?

With the warm days of the year approaching again, you may be wondering: what is really the best makeup To wear in the summer? While this is obviously quite a personal question, there are definitely some general tips we'd like to share with you.

Lay the foundation with primer

While it's smart to use primer in all seasons, it's even more so in the summer. Your makeup 'slips' off your face more quickly when the temperatures are high. Primer is the ideal base. Your other makeup, such as your eye shadow, adheres better and disappears less quickly.

You can also apply your makeup more neatly with primer.

Create a minimalist look

What is the ideal makeup look for the summer months?? This has to do with your personal preference, but most people prefer to wear light colors in the summer. After all, you already get a glow from sunlight: your skin needs less makeup! Go for a natural look, with soothing colors. For eyeshadow you can think of colors like brown, beige or orange.

Be careful with very dark blush or bronzer: this is usually not necessary in summer. You can apply a highlighter, to create more contrast in your face. And a thick layer of lipstick or eyeliner? This too is too much in summer. Keep it subtle.

Unless of course you want to go full glitter and glam one night.

Waterproof makeup when swimming

It's not relevant for every summer day, but still regular: choose waterproof makeup when you go swimming! This way you can just wear mascara and other makeup when you take a dip in the sea or pool. Waterproof makeup is an ideal invention.

Your makeup is also less likely to run from sweating, by the way. Another reason to wear this.

BB cream instead of foundation

Swap foundation for BB cream during the summer months. It is less heavy on the skin and absorbs better – so it stays on longer. In addition, BB cream feels more comfortable and airy: exactly what you need in the summer months. By the way, if you want your face to be nicely tanned by the sunlight, you may want to omit a base layer of BB cream or foundation so that the sunlight reaches the skin faster.

Of course always choose a layer of sunscreen to protect the skin.

Fixing spray as finishing touch

Is it really important that your makeup stays on all day? Then you can add another layer to your look, with a fixing spray. This is the last thing you spray on if your makeup is otherwise in perfect order.

Your look also looks more natural! That's always a good thing.