Christmas from decorations party clothes to gifts

HEMA Christmas: from decorations, party clothes to gifts

At the HEMA celebrate christmas. At the HEMA you will find all about Christmas decorations, party clothes and gifts for the holidays. Actually, this is a store where you can buy everything at once, from makeup to the drinks board.

What to expect this year? I will show you in this article

HEMA Christmas

Bring the Christmas spirit into your home with HEMA. This year it will be easy again, because at the HEMA you’re always ready in one go. Not only can you find everything here for a laid table.

You can buy your party clothes, gifts, beauty products and also food and drinks. I list everything for a beautiful Christmas 2021.

The Christmas table

Let me start at the Christmas table. Because of course a nicely decorated table is always nice and with the holidays you just do something extra’s with Christmas decorations and candles. If you now look at the decoration of the table you will see very nice colors tableware at HEMA. The plates and mugs are from Porto in the colors eggplant and mother of pearl. Now of course you can find many more plates and cutlery at HEMA in different colors and brands, but these two colors are really beautiful on the Christmas table during breakfast, brunch or dinner.

From plates to cups to salad bowls, you’ll find it in the collection. And if you need any tips for a festively set table, I wrote a post about this earlier.

Mug Porto pearl Porto mug in eggplantMug Porto eggplant HEMA Christmas collection plate Porto in the color pearl HEMA deep plate Porto in the color eggplant

Ladies Clothing

Whether we want to be chic at the Christmas table or casual. At HEMA you can find the best Christmas outfits for everyone. The clothing is really in the Christmas spirit.

You’ll find clothes with a small gold thread woven into them. You see a beautiful jumpsuit with glitters, dresses and a stylish flared leggings deep can combine with beautiful shirt in western green-glitters. But you will also find faulty Christmas sweaters at HEMA, in case you don’t feel like going chic for a while.

A beautiful black jumpsuit with gold threadLadies jumpsuit glitters black nice party dress Jacquard for the holidaysLadies dress jacquard Festive shirt with green and glittersshirt green glitter Green glitter patches leggings, nice with the shirt in the same colorflared legging green glitter

children’s clothing

Of course, the children have also been thought of this Christmas and what fun clothing they will find. I already got to have a little peek during the online fashion show at the HEMA Christmas vent and these clothes are not only super cute and festive but also affordable. For young men you will find cool jeans, nice shirt and waistcoat, While for young ladies you will find festive dresses or nice jumpsuit in the collection.

children’s jog denim gray kids shirt blue with polka dots Kids gilet pied-de-poule dark gray For children who love pink and glitter, this dress is of course the ideal party dressKids dress pink glitter Kids dress with gold glitter for the holidaysKids dress golden glitters Super cute HEMA Kids jumpsuit ribbing in the color purpleKids jumpsuit ribbed purple


Need tips for your beauty wish list? You’ll find them at HEMA. Now of course they are always known for their beautiful makeup products, but for the HEMA cherry days they are packing a little extra. At HEMA you can also buy their fragrances in 10 ml bottles which you can easily take with you in your handbag.

But you can also buy glitter nail polish and bubble balls for your bath!

baubles Nail Polish in beautiful glitter colors. For Christmas but also all other holidays Eau De Parfum from HEMA in 10 ml bottle, easy to carry in your handbag


For home accessories, the Hema is always a good choice. You will find here fleece blankets in the real Christmas color green with an image of Takkie (famous from Jip and Janneke) Takkie you will find a lot this year at the HEMA. So you have a notebook with Takkie, (wrong) Christmas sweaters, mugs, stuffed animals and so much more.

You can also find beautiful candles and Christmas decorations here.

Look for the entire Hema Christmas collection on the site.

HEMA living with a winter wonderland candle and fleece blanket with an image of Takkie

Winter Wonderland candle and fleece blanket with image of Takkie

Christmas ornaments and lighting

Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations can be found in abundance at HEMA. How about these cute ornaments with Takkie and Siepie! But also buy your poinsettias, Christmas trees and baubles to paint yourself.

Takkie, who we know from Jip and Janneke, can also be found in the Christmas tree Siepie the cat is also in Christmas ornaments for in the Christmas tree Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, stars and Christmas treesPoinsettias, Christmas trees and more

At HEMA you always score

The HEMA is really a store where you can go for everything, because besides clothes, home accessories and makeup, you can also go here for food and drinks. You probably know the wines, you can also go here for example for drinks. Easy and nice!