Healthy recipes that are low-carb and more tips

Healthy recipes, low carb and more tips

The new year has started again and that is also the beginning for many to start eating healthy. Now healthy eating and exercise is always important, but in this day and age perhaps even more so. Where to find those healthy recipes?

Healthy eating and exercise

It’s January and for many that means new resolutions. Healthy eating can certainly be one of them, because many have gained some weight during the corona period and the lockdown. Not only by eating more, but also by moving less.

Healthy recipes

If you want to eat healthier, you are probably also looking for healthy recipes and where can you find them?? First is for yourself to see what you want. Want to lose weight?

Or do you want more energy? Would you like to eat more vegetables? Or all this?

Online you can find a lot of information, but also in cookbooks you can find plenty.

Getting started

When you know what you want you can get started. I eat low-carb, which for me means less bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and more vegetables. I feel good, have lots of energy and am at a good weight.

Now I am certainly not talking this to everyone, because you should really do what you feel good about, after all, eating healthy is not a punishment, it should become your new lifestyle, without any effort on your part. And if you are looking for healthy recipes, that doesn’t mean you can never have a snack, or a glass of wine anyway.

Where to find healthy recipes

My favorite recipes are the ones from LowCarbchef. The recipes are often a bit more laborious, in the sense that you use more pans and really take some time, but trust me, the recipes are well worth it. Favorite here at home are:

The cookbooks of Pascale Naessens

I have mentioned these books before and I cook a lot from them, the books by Pascale Naessens. I learned about Pascale’s books last year during a challenge on Facebook, where she gave daily menus’s for a few weeks. I by no means made everything, but by combining, I learned delicious (low-carb) recipes.

I often cook potatoes, rice or pasta for my husband and children.

More sites for healthy recipes

    : 2.000 tasty, healthy recipes. Easy to make, with mainly products from the Five Star Chart.
  • Healthy recipes on the Allerhande site : 16 healthy recipes that men also like
  • Healthy recipes on Fit.en ( about Fit.I have already written more articles:
  • Get fit with the book: the FIT method

More tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Make sure you have a good and healthy lunch, so you can keep going for a long time without snacking.
  • Make a weekly menu and do conscious shopping so without cravings and with a list
  • Start moving, it doesn’t have to be a lot or for a long time, but move. – is a very nice way to exercise. , So you know exactly what you eat and when.

This year there is again a “Feeling Fit” challenge by Vrouw. If you want to join, just search on Facebook at: Woman good in your skin- challenge 2021.