Monopoly cheaters edition- review

Monopoly cheaters edition- review

Chosen as Toy of the Year ( 8-9 years) the game ‘Monopoly cheaters edition’. Here you have to cheat. so pay close attention to what your opponents are doing and keep an eye on them. An ideal game for young and old.


Also fond of board games? Cozy up to a game together on the weekend with the whole family. Monopoly is such a game.

Super fun to play and now maybe completely. Because now there is the Monopoly cheaters edition. The boys are getting older and you can tell by the games.

When we play a game, we have to try harder to have a chance of winning.

Toy of the year

Fairly won: Monopoly cheaters edition is Toy of the Year. In the 8-9 years category, the public chose The Cheaters Edition of the classic board game Monopoly as the winner.

That during a game of Monopoly is regularly cheated, is no secret. Research recently showed that a quarter of Dutch people even make it a sport. Manufacturer Hasbro was inspired by that and developed this edition of the famous board game, where you have to cheat to have a chance of winning.

The rules of the Monopoly cheaters edition

In this version everything is allowed! Cheat, Chance and Community Chest cards give you certain advantages, rewards and punishments, but in addition you may cheat as much as you like! Steal money from the bank, ignore the dice, escape from jail try it all!

In this game you must be terribly attentive because everything is suspect! Busted? Then the handcuff awaits to chain you to the game board


Last weeks we got to try the Nintendo Switch. Also here were different board games. Super fun to do, but of course it’s different from a board game on the table.

Already we have a lot of fun with both. The Monopoly cheaters edition was an instant hit at home. Just because it turned out to contain a handcuff, the boys loved this already.

Then the board still had to be put on the table. The game is one big party.

You have to try to cheat unseen. If you succeed you get a reward and if you get caught you get a ‘punishment’. The game ends when all hotels are sold and, frankly, with children it is nice that it does not go on forever.

Yes or No? A big triple YES here.