Photography Nature at its most beautiful

Photography: Nature at its most beautiful

Photography is so much fun to do, especially when the nature looks so beautiful. As in the winter. But also the beach, forest or dunes are favorite places. But sometimes I also want to shoot in the city, I see beautiful pictures, but I want more.

And better.

Nature and Culture

Nowadays most of the pictures on my phone are of my children. While I used to have very different subjects to photograph, these days they are the main characters on the camera. And rightly so. But I can still really enjoy beautiful photos from nature and cities.

We are real mountain fans and we spend our summer vacations in the mountains. Here I can keep taking pictures’s. Also cities like Rome, Paris and Berlin are favorite when it comes to shooting pictures and then I try nowadays with the digital camera also a lot of things out.

Because there where it used to be a waste of the roll of film, now you can take pictures from all angles and sides and if you don’t like it we just delete it.

Photography course

For years we have been saying at home, we should take a photography course. Just because we both like it so much. This has still not happened, but I have the book ‘The digital photography bible’ in which I will really start now. Also, through the Crea-Cross group of creative bloggers, I hope to follow more photography bloggers, so I can learn more techniques, get ideas to learn to take better photos’s.

The year has just begun, so I can learn a lot this year and go out into nature with my camera.


I like taking pictures in detail. Photo’s up close, my children’s face expression suits, flowers in full bloom on which the colors stand out beautifully. Frozen branches full of ice, where you can almost feel the cold.

Even though I love nice weather, I hope nature gives me a few more of these beautiful days this year where the branches are frozen and the streets are white.