Hiking around the Drei Zinnen – Dolomites

Hiking around the Drei Zinnen – Dolomites

Last year we were finally in the Dolomites. Finally, because this had been on the schedule for years but we still chose a different destination each time. We really wanted to take a walk around the Drei Zinnen.

Although we didn’t quite make it, I’m happy to share the hike here.

Via Austria

In the summer vacations we like to hike in the mountains. Austria has been on our list for a long time, but every year the weather turned out to be so bad that we chose another destination at the last minute. We had the books, hikes and maps ready for years. Last year we decided, no matter what the weather would do, we would just go.

The first week we stayed in the Dachstein mountains and here we did have some rain. However, the second and third week we were in Lienz and here the weather was beautiful. Later I read that in this part of East Tyrol, the weather is actually always good.

You’ll be in Italy in no time

Via Lienz we were in Italy in no time, we knew, because we had the hike around the Drei Zinnen in mind for years already. Earlier we had looked for campsites in Italy, but then it turned out that from Lienz it was an hour’s drive to the Dolomites. The hike we wanted to do was in the Dolomites at the Drei Zinnen ( or in Italian Tre Cime di Lavaredo).

What are the Dolomites?

The Dolomites is a mountain range in Italy that is part of the Southern Limestone Alps. Typical of the Dolomites are the steep cliffs and peaks caused by erosion. The mountain range is split into two parts: the eastern and the western.

The Three Senses

The Drei Zinnen are three colossal rock towers right next to each other. They are sharp and high, and consist of layered Dolomite rock. They are mostly brown in color, but there are also shades of red and yellow; and the debris at the base provides a strong contrast to the mountains.

The peaks are located in the Sextener Dolomites.

We wanted to go here, of course because we love hiking, but besides hiking, we climb a lot. The Drei Zinnen are also climbing mountains, although I must say I did wonder for a while ‘How then?’

Hiking in the Dolomites

The highway in the valley towards the Drei Zinnen is already beautiful. At one point you pass a lake from which you have a view of this mountain range. Now we had already noticed in Austria, that you had to pay toll for many mountain passes. This was also true when entering the Drei Zinnen.

The Drei Zinnen can be reached by car from Misurina via a 7 km toll road ( €30.00). This comes out at Rifugio Auronzo where there are plenty of parking spaces to park your car. From Misurina you can also go up by bus.

The first part of the hike is on an easy and even trail. At some point you come out at Rifugio Lavaredo. From here you can make a choice. The steep path up, or the wide road that goes up more evenly.

We decided to take the steep path and this was really a climb, but certainly a nice path.

Hiking Drei Zinnen Dolomites

The sight of the Drei Zinnen

From this climb you walk as it were from the back of the Drei Zinnen to the front. It’s breathtaking, the moment you see them from the front. Impressive.

We walked a bit more towards the Dreizinnenhütte and kept seeing the Drei Zinnen constantly. As the weather turned we decided to take the same road back. However if you have the chance you should definitely walk the circular trail.

You walk first towards the Dreizinnenhütte. From the terrace you should have a wonderful beautiful view of the Drei Zinnen, then you walk along mountain lakes via a steep descent and the Drei Zinnen remain in view at all times. On the west side of the Drei Zinnen you pass another viewpoint, after which you can already see the Auronzo hut again. For us it is very easy, we want to do this tour again, so we will definitely go back.

Also because there is so much more to walk around here.

Practical tips walking Drei Zinnen

The duration of the circular hike is 3 hours, It is 467 meters climbing and descending and in total the hike is 9.1 km. You start and end at the parking lot of Rifugio Auronzo. Here, but also at the other two huts there is opportunity to eat and drink.

Keeping memories

When you have been on vacation and you want to be reminded of it often, you can make a photo book. What I have done this time is put a photo on Canvas. This picture was taken at the Drei Zinnen and to me is so typical of us.

Climbing rocks, the boys, vacation. I had this photo on Canvas made at Fotofabriek. Not only was it very simple to make, I am so incredibly pleased with the result. The colors are very nice, exactly like the original and the delivery was super fast.

Highly recommended!