Warm and fashionable into winter

Warm and fashionable into winter

Staying warm and fashionable in winter should not be difficult? And not just a nice winter coat, the warm sweaters, tights, scarves and hats can also come out of the closet again! But how do we keep looking a little nice with all those clothes on?

A cozy time

Winter is a cozy and cosy time. Outside you are warmly dressed with your winter coat, good warm shoes and hat. Inside you sit cosily by the fireplace.

Blanket on the couch, candles on and enjoy the warmth in the house.

Dress warmly for the outdoors

A warm women’s winter coat goes a long way. And then it’s no punishment to be outside, maybe walking through the woods, getting some fresh air and ending up at home with a hot chocolate with whipped cream. But just a good warm coat is not enough at some point, especially when it gets colder, a scarf, hat and gloves should definitely be on and on again.

But also stay warm inside

Also inside you will choose increasingly warmer clothes, but to put on your warm house pants every time. Of course this one is super nice and ’s quickly grabbed in the morning. Besides, with working from home we are all less concerned with what we put on.

A shame, really, because dressing nicely makes you feel good and why not just keep looking fashionable in addition to warm clothes??

How to dress warmly

How can you make sure that you are warm outside as well as inside and that you are also dressed fashionably??