Get spring into the house with these easy tips

Bring spring into your home with these easy tips

The weather seems to be getting better this coming week and it should, it is spring after all. Spring, of course, means cleaning the house, opening the doors to each other and cleaning the windows bring spring into your home. That can be done very easily with a few adjustments and purchases.

Get spring into the house

How nice is that, the Easter decorations are out the door again, you do the big cleaning and get spring in the house with a few small adjustments. Maybe the weather is not quite right yet, but you can still provide that spring cheer in your home. Spring is the time, after all, when the birds start singing again, the light outside is longer and we feel like being outside a lot again.

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants always bring cheer in the house and garden. So my first tip: Get lots of plants in your home, green, flowering plants. Create cheerful spring colors by buying vases in light colors or decorative vases. Every two weeks we buy tulips for ourselves, just to get that spring feeling in the house.

We choose different colors every time and it just makes me happy just looking at it.

A color on the walls

Maybe you are tired of working at home and the walls are a bit too. Get that cheerful spring look in your home and give these walls a pop of color. This can be a wall with a bright present color, or you can also choose light accents on the walls.

Just giving the house a new color inside can give your home a real spring boost.

Cheerful accessories in the living room

Bring joy into your home. Especially now that the days are longer again and hopefully we will soon be able to enjoy more sunny days, it is nice to bring that sunshine and springtime into your home with beautiful accessories. Consider new photos’s or posters on the wall, an eye-catching clock or memories of distant travels.

Do not forget the bedroom

And now that you’ve brought spring into your living room, don’t forget the bedrooms too. How nice it is to also clean this one completely, but also think here about a new color on the wall, new cheerful pillows on the bed and new pictures’s on the wall. And also in the bedroom a nice plant does well. not only for the oxygen, also for the cheerfulness.

Bring spring into your home

Now that we’re home so much, it’s nice to take care of changes around the house. Maybe you’re a bit tired of the walls, you’ve seen your house by now. Get spring in the house, with colors, plants, new accessories and you will see that your house immediately feels like home again.